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Reinvention 29.05.2008 20:24:16 (permalink)
The Greatest Gifts Parents Could Give

When I was little I had nothing but the love of my parents
I listened to my favorite tunes
And worried about spending a fortune to go to college
My dad tapped my shoulders and said
Don't worry,Just study
We have a fortune which has ndeed a calming effect

My life was almost perfect:I went thru college worry free
There was no fees, but aids and scholarships
There was hardships
But that was understandable
I was able to cope with anything
Studying is a little thing among many things in life
I had the security of my parents, their spiritual supports at all times
We had a fortune indeed in this world of turmoils
We left Vietnam, our homeland
We toiled the land in the new land
We'll reap what we sowed
The love on me my parents bestow
Will blossom on my children and so on
fortune means beyond
money,gold and silver indeed
under my feet
The ground was firm
Now I understand we was fornunate indeed
to have a stable life in a loving family

Thank you, Dad
Thank you, Mom
you could do a lot more than you said
Thank you for the loving environment
the cheering encouragement
I promise to carry forward
Your heritage, the old tradition, the family and its harmony
To the next generations
Without rations
love with all my heart
from the start
till the end of my life

Nguyen Do
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    Nguyên Đỗ

    • Số bài : 5703
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    • Từ: 19.08.2005
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    RE: Reinvention 29.05.2008 20:31:52 (permalink)
    Daring Love

    We dare to love, there is nothing to fear
    To love is to offer each other our willing hearts, Dear
    To love is to take a risky adventure without hesitation
    To love is to challenge everything, to love with passion

    We wish to live with each other all our lives
    The love surrounding us will never lessen
    Is it because of a sentimental debt or a fate made from destiny
    Our souls are in love with each other, a wonderful dream

    Ages, distances ... it is to us indifferent
    May - December love, they say, the love is there within us
    Eight-two, twenty-eight make a hundred and ten
    Despite disdainful looks, our love is plentiful

    Who can be sure that the Spring flowers will never fade?
    Some flowers just last only one night, until midnight
    Let's love each other each second passing by
    Anh thank God for the deep love for each other each day

    Nguyen Do

    Forever Love

    You are quiet by nature, often choosing words clearly
    The three words you have said sweeten my heart dearly
    The three words that blossom and bring forth fruits
    To my sleep with wonderful dreams

    "I love you" is like a miracle
    Our two lives are so different from distances so far
    Yet we love each other so deeply, so dearly
    All the superflous words are dropped from our conversations

    Our love shines like light of fire
    Burns from the bottom of our hearts
    For all the rest of my life, I will only love you
    You are always present in my mind and my heart

    Though we are apart, we keep our special relationship
    One year, two years or even a thousand years
    Our love will be there despite winds, storms and hidden waves
    Our tender love will never disappear

    Nguyen Do

    Time Milestones

    At dawn when the light darts out at the horizon
    I wake up missing you terribly
    I type on the keyboard hoping to lessen my longing for you
    And I call out for you, my Love!

    At lunch, I use the cellular phone to call you
    I am so glad each time you answer quickly
    My hands holding the phone shake a little
    Your murmuring voice send me to the cloud

    At dusk, the feeling of missing you grows more
    But I daren't to disturb your mind and heart
    Please concentrate in your studies
    Upon your graduation, I will be there to take you out

    At night I call you to wish you a happy sleep
    In your dream, You'll see my shadow
    The miraculous love deep from our heat will be there
    Each passing second will be there each second and minutes

    Nguyen Do
    Lost Love

    Yes, I am only a poet
    Yet I dreamt about you last night, my darling
    You and I intertwined in love
    When woke up, I felt so disappointed, finding myself alone with pain

    We have been apart for so many long years
    We've sent each other a few words now and then to keep secretly love
    "Keep the pin as the token of my love
    Keep this picture to refresh the memories of our love!"

    I remember the day we got caught in the rain
    We stayed warmly close for a long time and didn't want to part
    And this morning, it is raining and cold
    My heart is reminded of our pledged love

    Yes, I know, I can only keep it in my heart
    Because you are now married far
    Yet I feel sad and bitter, crying, blaming my fate,
    For our love lost by storms while it rains with melancholy

    Nguyen Do

    Will The Moon Be Ever Old?

    The moon not full is mockingly afraid of getting old!
    Young lady, you should not worry too much
    You should enjoy studying, traveling
    The days, the nights, the time belong to you

    The steadfast hold will pass the outside beauty
    The virtues, the words and actions will last
    The beauty is from within
    As the clouds float over the mountains

    Live as in the Spring
    Be happy, don't be sad
    Build your dreams each day, each month
    Let them blossom like the flowers in the spring

    Nguyen Do

    Tears o' Love

    I dare not say
    It is still raining, drops and drops
    The road of life is full of questions and surprises
    What we say may worry us later

    If you were a drop of tear
    It will shine for eternity
    And if I may
    I will keep it for me forever

    We look at each other without saying
    It rains outside endlessly
    Pole lights stay dim in the night
    And our hearts shake dangerously

    If you were drops of tear
    Running on my cheek
    My lips would invite them
    To enter into my heart

    Nguyen Do

    Qai Lian (Quế Liên)
    (Cinnamon Lotus)

    (This poem is like the game of words, inspired by the name Qai-Lian;
    Qai = Cinnamon; Lian = lotus flower; inspired by the name of a Chínese friend)

    Are you a perfumed cinnamon tree
    or a beautiful lotus flower?
    You float rhythmically like a butterfly
    You're graceful as a fairy

    Last week you had your long dark hair
    Cover past your shoulders
    But it is suddenly short
    Your walk is still as queenly as before

    You - then long haired - now short haired
    You - of Chinese origin
    You - saying that you're Vietnamese
    You - always pleasant light

    I see myself in the young age
    The lake is full of lotus
    Blossoming, pleasant to the eyes
    But I only see the queen of flower: you!

    Nguyen Do

    Eternal Love

    Thanks to you, I speak again
    Thanks to you, I write endlessly poetry
    Thanks to you, I dream and daydream
    Thanks to you, I will wait night and day

    I will write love poems for you
    About a thousand and one nights, filled with love
    About a thousand and one nights of our dreams
    About a thousand and one nights full of stars in the firmament

    One day our boat will depart from the harbor
    The songs and the music will rock to our delight
    Let the boat float with the waves
    Let's us dance in cadence with the dreams to come

    Nguyen Do

    One More Time

    Love, let's see one more time
    Our flower deepen its color of love
    When the trees and the grass still in dew waiting for sunshine
    Shine like thousand chains of pearls

    Love, my love with the inviting lips
    With wonderful black onyx this night
    You give me the yeast and the drunken dream
    And the music and the poetry of delight

    Love, let's do it one more time
    I love you, delicate love of paradise
    Wordless love, sweet and perfumed love
    Love -- I have written with unfamiliar language

    Love, despite the obligation of daily life
    My soul soars as the cloud above
    I love you -- full of effervescence
    Like waves, like in my young age

    Love, our love full of the sunlight
    Dances with our youthful dream
    Your cheeks are cheerfully red today
    The sunshine kiss lightly them

    Love, our meeting during the summer morning
    With beautiful flowers, filled with inspiration
    We walk together, hand in hand
    Feeling the emotions enter into our bodies and spirits

    Nguyen Do

    40th Anniversary
    For Mr. Ninh and Nien Do

    Each morning, I call home to wake you up.
    Oh my love, I am still in love as always!
    I love you, still wanting to talk to you about thousand things
    About little things, big things, endlessly.

    I want to share with you in detail
    My life, my heart, each of my thought.
    May we enjoy a peaceful life
    Without tempest, without misunderstanding or anger!

    Strangers who might think I call you just to chat
    Can not understand talk doesn't mean much.
    We have lived with each other more than forty years:
    Your thought is mine, mine yours, shared.

    We're deeply in love as in our younger days,
    Added to our passion are our love and appreciation of each other,
    And our care and worry for our children, our preparation for the future:
    Our love deepens each minute of our lives.

    Nguyen Do

    Birds of Paradise

    Birds of paradise in the shining orange color
    Perching over there in the green branches and leaves
    A lady reached out with her ivory arm
    To touch, to catch, to invite the birds to land on her hand

    In ecstasy I watched the flowers in the vase,
    Precious, rare flowers blooming radiantly,
    And the lady standing nearby smiled beautifully
    Such a view gave me a complete happiness

    The park with birds of paradise became our rendezvous place
    All of a sudden, like a miracle in coincidence
    You - Flower - and I entered in the world of poetry
    As the sunlight danced in concert with the universe

    I looked at you long, but never enough
    Half of my soul or all the whole of my soul
    A first meeting by chance, our hearts with fast rhythms >>
    Seemed to fly off, to perch on branches like the birds of paradise

    Nguyen Do

    Seasonal Voyage Invitation

    What is the distance from here to there?
    Through your tone of voice, it seems so familiar, as if ones in the family
    My hometown is so far away from your hometown in the distant Vietnam
    Our chat in Vietnamese is still vibrating in my heart
    In a short while, there is warm welcome between us
    Your Boston voice is so sweet
    While the cold wind comes to
    In the middle of Autumn with full bloom of flowers and colored leaves
    The leaves, the flowers, the sunshine and the wind intertwine
    A gracious dance of nature
    Our meeting of each other by chance on the phones
    Though not seeing, it seems we've known each other for a long time
    How many voyages that residents of Vung Tau have taken
    While the ones in Pleiku faces the months of sunshine and rain?
    It's Autumn, here and now
    Please come to welcome the seasonal greeting of Autumn!

    Nguyen Do


    Inspired by the George Frederick Watts's painting, Hope.

    The woman, bending upon the globe
    In torn vestment, looking miserable with blind eyes,
    Holding a harp with only one string
    Who would guide her to the right directions

    She fingered the string with heartening notes,
    Now slightly intoxicated, now warm, now passionate
    As a one cord guitar delivering through the endless music
    Thousand of private thought felt in the melody

    A hope left is still a hope of sowing happiness
    Still a hope of going up, of struggling for the future
    Still a hope of understanding, a hope for working toward tomorrow
    For hope is the motivation for advance

    Let's hope, let's believe in ourselves to build a new life
    Despite failures or bad judgments in the past or in the present
    Let's hope, let's struggle, don't hesitate
    For hope is the mother of success, my friend

    Nguyen Do

    Presents Sent to You

    I send you the sunshine
    Of spring morning, of summer afternoon
    To redden your cheeks, to tan your skin
    To warm your heart despite the cruelties of life

    I send you a space of my sky
    The tireless clouds that float freely
    The immense whiteness as a river of snow
    Let your heart fly as the autumn leaves

    I send you drops of morning dew
    Shining on the top of the grass along the road
    On the smiling flowers displaying their beauties
    Radiating in the parks lovingly

    I send you, my love, the smiles
    The brilliant hopes of a beautiful day
    Drops of dew scintillating as a thousand stars
    Please hold fast to your wonderful dreams

    Nguyen Do

    Old Romance

    Once romantic, forever romantic
    A poem, a letter, exchanged
    A smile, a pouting hidden deeply
    A thousand of questions in our regards

    Loved and loving, only kept in our hearts
    It's because, my love, you're married
    Too late for us, our dreams unfulfilled
    Love in our hearts, love in our memories

    Why you, people of Hue, are so romantic?
    Just for writing poetry, do you like only to write poetry?
    Why didn't you tell me that you loved me? I would have waited!
    "It's too late, please don't stir up old memories!"

    You said softly as to urge me:
    "Forget me, we missed our chance, long ago!"
    A day I walked in my white robe under the coconut trees
    Forget me please, brother from An Cuu!"

    Nguyen Do

    Honeymoon Season

    My sentiments seem to enter into the honeymoon season
    So sweet, so full, so lovely
    As the blooming flowers welcoming the Spring sunshine
    Are exposing their splendid colors on the roads we walk

    Our chance of meeting must have begun from former livers
    Through the meandering, the bend, the turns of lives to seek each other
    Over generations, over many upheavals and changes
    We have finally met in a surprising joy

    It’s not only in dreams, in illusions
    Each verse, each painting stroke, each note of music
    Reflects the high level and the immensity of our love
    The precious and the sacred aroma of our love

    Our love gets deeper and deeper each day
    It’s light, it’s intoxicated, it’s passionate
    It is as immense as the blue ocean,
    as long as the sandy beach, as lovely as your hair
    The wind of love is forever filled with our honeymooned lives

    Nguyen Do

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