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OCCASIONALLY I THINK... 12.08.2008 03:48:09 (permalink)
                            Translated by Steven Le (Le Duy Minh)
(The English-Vietnamese version can be read at my blog
http://360.yahoo.com/leduyminh20022002 by clicking on the "Love" tag.)
Occasionally, I think if only we were not so successful, might our love be different? Once on way home from dinner out, you drove me in a car. It was raining heavily while you were absorbed in talking with someone on the phone and I was watching rain through the car windshield… In rain, all of a sudden I caught sight of a young couple. The guy was trying to carry the girl on his bike up a bridge… They got drenched to the skin but I recognized a bright smile on the girl’s face when she laid her soaking wet face against the guy’s back. What a happy and plain smile! How sweet it looked! It seems that you and I have never walked together in rain, haven’t we? It seems that our love lacks the coldness of a sudden rain on the street. So I have never known the sort of warm feeling from the boyfriend’s arms protecting and giving warmth to his girlfriend in rain. I just find it in books and then imagine it from movies…
Occasionally, I think it seems that for both of us things are always planned or scheduled carefully. I long for a breakthrough to get out of the routine things… Occasionally, I think how I will get thrilled when you are late for our date someday; your hands are full of engine oil because of having to repair the “failed motorbike” on the road; your face was sweating; your heart is beating wildly for fear that I might leave for home. Many times I lay my face against your chest but just hear regular and calm heartbeats like a clock never running slowly, even only one second…
Occasionally, I think how overwhelmed I might be with happiness if I opened the home mailbox of mine and… saw your slightly crumpled letter the handwriting of which is badly crooked, full of mistakes in spelling and punctuation and which you were managed to write instead of well-written emails which are typed with a standard love language without mistakes… But I can feel an overflow of love inside there and put the letter on the head of the bed and feel as if you were close to me, gently stroking my hair…
Occasionally, I desire to receive a carelessly-wrapped gift without expensive wrapping paper and no fragrant postcards from you. Gifts for me, always all the same: an expensive cosmetics set of the same manufacturer, the same kind, just different manufacturing date… Never have I told you that I haven’t opened some of your gifts… I put them on the table like a secret miracle and hope that there will be something really different inside you have prepared for a long time. Why those gifts, darling? I just like small objects and those are what I really love; a carrot-shaped hairgrip, for example. Then you are all fingers and thumbs to help me tie the hairgrip to my hair… exactly the same as the way the welding worker living on the head of the alley leading to my house does for the girl rice vendor near to my house…
Occasionally, I think it seems that Neither of us has cried for each other even just a little. My heart has never experienced the feeling of love torments. Love without the saltiness of tears is tasteless, isn’t it darling? Our love has too many smiles and praises, doesn’t it? Maybe because of this, I can’t find the mysterious light in your eyes, which is said to only come from wounds caused by heart cuts…
Between dream and reality, I know there is a great distance but occasionally I wish I had those things, darling…
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Steven Le (Le Duy Minh)
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