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Translated by Steven Le (Le Duy Minh)
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Do true “gentle men” only exist in novels and memory of those who are not young? Below is the writing of a girl that has witnessed the disappointment of a lot of ladies to low-quality men…!

Ladies of all times are the same, they have high expectation for men. In my time, we ladies expected a lot from men. But after all, “prince after prince” left, taking away  our girlhood dreams.
Instead of fighting against wicked witches to free a princess, these guys run away leaving her a “pregnancy”. Instead of holding out his chest to get the sharp point of a sword stabbing into his heart to save the girl, he pierces through her heart with other sharp and pointed things…
From a story…
One day, my friend got married. Her former lover abandoned her at the eleventh hour due to daring not to object to his family’s decision on marrying a girl that would kill her husband and do harm to his family as a fortune teller said. Immediately, according to his family’s idea, he married a girl that had never shed tears for him.
The day he parted from her, he wrote her an apologetic letter, full of the blame for his family, filial piety and circumstance. This big guy with the heart of a tiny mouse causing my friend to lose all her trust on men, she closed her heart tightly for five years. Later, she didn’t get married until she promised her sick mother to do it…
“Low-quality” men left ladies with quite a few hurts. Alone a huge number of abortion cases explain something. How many girls with a badly-torn past will have to do everything from beginning on their own? Where has gentle men’s bravery in love gone?

My cousin sister used to long for a romantic love. It was unnecessarily a love facing any challenges or obstacles … she just wished one day her lover would make her formal home visit, meeting her parents saying to them solemnly: “My dearest, I love your daughter. Please let me marry her. Though I am poor now, but I will try my best to bring happiness to her all my life!”
With those brief words, she would be willing to go anywhere together with him… But her lover with his common wishes hesitated: “Sweetie, please wait, your family so rich… Wait until I get a quite good motorbike that adds to my appearance…”, then added: “Sweetie, don’t tell your parents I am still an administrative civil servant!”…
Meaningfully, a man’s gallantry and good and knight acts are not only for his own lady, but also for all the weaker sex that need help.
Make your voice heard, gentle men.
We ladies want to be proud of our long-life man, neither for the zeros in his bank account nor for his big house and high position, but for his manly qualities, gentle men.
Please, please make your voice heard, gentle men. Please object to us, let us continue to hope that blue clouds are still floating in the sky, birds still singing… not everywhere on earth are big guys with  tiny hearts with weak beats and common dreams…
It is food, clothing and money and other trivia that envelop men’s life and make a lot of men forget about their preceding generation’s strong heart beats.
Just go out, we ladies will eye-witness indignant scenes. How does a girl think of her boyfriend? – a guy that always pushes back her chair each time she enters a restaurant, a guy that never forgets to give her a rose on Sunday dates, a guy that can say hundreds of sweet words to her…; how could such a guy stand still watching a woman wanderer on the street be beaten brutally by her husband, and then step on the accelerator, passing her, or ignore a motorbike come-off the victim of which was a girl that was trying hard to get up…?
Might someone become a gentle man after he uses this shampoo, that perfume, drinking this beer or wearing that clothing…? But not many people ask: “which of the following qualities: courage, nobility, unselfishness and mercy… does a man need?”
So the knights and heroes of the ancient times always fascinate us ladies. It is impossible to blame young girls and young married women that fall for and admire men in Korean movies with all the qualities of a true gentle man: dare to love to the fullest, dare to live for his ideal and dare to sacrifice…
Are we ladies wrong to think that there are no “high-quality” men left?
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