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Dị thư - Tác giả: Kiếm Ma 13.09.2008 14:22:16 (permalink)
Present to Hạ Vũ

Do you know that there is a serial - killer near you ?

Victoria was a very attractive girl. She was not only beautiful but also clever. She was the most famous student at her school so her parents felt very proud of her. On the other hand, it sometimes made Victoria feel very uncomfortable with the people who liked her because they always annoyed her.

Victoria had too many people who wanted to be her boyfriend, but she didn’t choose one of them. In her view, all of them were very boring. Furthermore, they didn’t really love her; the only thing they wanted was to be more famous after becoming Victoria’s boyfriend. It was quite terrible ! That’s why Victoria decided that she wouldn’t have a boyfriend until she went to university. It had been her opinion before the time she met Bob.

Who was Bob ?

He is an architect. Victoria first met him on the Internet in a chat room. After many times spent chatting with Bob, Victoria found that Bob was a really good man. He wasn’t like the boys at her school, he was very different. He was more intelligent and funny than them. In addition, he didn’t care too much about who Victoria was and what she looked like. He only wanted to know her character and her hobbies so she really liked to talk with him. Above all others, he was not only smart but also handsome. Victoria asked Bob to share the webcam and after getting some of his photos she was very amazed of his good looking face. What a lovely boy !

Victoria soon thought that Bob would be the suitable person to choose. Why not ? He was very charming, very sensitive and had a good job with a high salary. “ It would be really great to have a relationship with him “ , she thought.

Victoria was self-confident enough to send the message “ I like you “ to Bob when they were chatting on the Yahoo Messenger. And what was his answer to her ? Of course nobody could tell “ But I don’t “. It’s very stupid to say no to an attractive girl. Bob soon replied to Victoria.

“ Yes “

Did Victoria think that it’s a very short answer ? No, she did not.

Although it was quite short, it was enough for her to understand. Bob soon became Victoria’s boyfriend and they had many fantastic times on Yahoo Messenger.

One day Victoria would have an offline meeting with Bob. She was very worried about this because it was the first time they had ever met face to face and she supposed that the first impression was very important. She couldn’t sleep at midday before the meeting. Therefore, she went to the Internet and looked for some new information in the Zing News Website.

“ What the hell ! “ , said Victoria. There was too much news about Jack The Murderer. He had killed two girls three days before. Victoria felt very frightened of this serial – killer. She always heard something new about his victims and she had never supposed that one day Jack could appear and kill her. It was the worst thing Victoria could think about in all her life.

“ Ring ! Ring ! “

Suddenly the phone rang. Victoria stood up and got it.

“ Hi, Victoria. “

“ Oh, Bob ! “

It was Bob !

“ How are you ? “

“ Not bad, thanks. “

“ Did you forget our offline meeting ? “

Victoria looked at the alarm clock.

5 p.m.

Unless Bob phoned her, she would forget the offline meeting !

“ Oh, of course not. “, said Victoria.

“ OK, I called to tell you about the place where we can meet each other. It’s Bramblehurst Restaurant, the 4th of Rocky Street. “

“ Thanks. Hope to see you soon. “

“ So am I. Bye bye. “

Bob hung up.

“ It’s time to go “ , said Victoria.

She was quickly offline and went to the place what Bob had spoken of before. She felt very nervous and of course she didn’t have enough time to care about Jack The Murderer. Forget it, she had enough fear. At the moment everything in her brain was for the meeting.

After hung up, Jack came to the parrot’s cage and said to it:

“ Do you think she’s a stupid girl ? “

“ Of course, stupid girl, stupid girl ... “ , said the parrot.

“ The same as my opinion. Wait for me. There must be some funny story tonight. “, said Jack.

He got the ticket, turned off the light, locked the door and went out. Where did the serial - killer go ?

The address in his ticket was Bramblehurst Restaurant, the 4th of Rocky Street.

                                               THE END
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    Kiếm Ma

    • Số bài : 16
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    • Từ: 03.09.2008
    • Trạng thái: offline
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