Journey to Freedom
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            Kindly circulate this widely

            October 1st, 1949, China mainland was taken over by the Communist, thus fell the biggest Domino of Asia, pulling down with it Vietnam, Burma, Tibet, Xinjian (Uyghur),  Laos, Cambodia.

            Moreover, the global security is being threatened by Chinese expansionism with disrespect for human rights, disregard of environmental issues, violating the international laws with its greediness for oil and power around the world, especially in the South China Sea and the Middle East.

            Chinese expansionism has caused great concerns to all of its neighboring countries, as well as the global securities.

            More than 60 millions of Chinese Communist members have denounced the Communist Party.

            10/1  is a shameful day for all Chinese because of the fall of Chinese people, culture, traditional values, and land to Communist hands.  This year CCP spends 10+ billion US dollars to “celebrate” 60-year anniversary of CCP and strengthen its deceptions/threats to all Chinese as well as attached westerners.  We are very busy these days in organizing a series of events to disclose the crimes/deceptions of CCP, to name a few:

               9/16, Forum (in Chinese) on “60-Year Fall to CCP’ Hands”
               9/21-9/23, Protests and Rally in front of UN in New York
               9/24-9/25, Protests and Rally at G-20 in Pittsburgh
               9/29-9/30, 12 noon to 12 mid-night Continuous Protests in front of Chinese Embassy in DC
               10/1-10/2, Art Exhibition Disclosing CCP’s 60-Year Crimes at US Congress
               10/1, Press Conference at US Congress at 3pm,
               10/2, Forum at 1pm at US Congress (Rayburn HOB Foyer),

            We also would like to openly invite all of our compatriots worldwide to sign on to the petition on this very day of October 1st. Kindly circulate the following link to all of your community members


            Contact: Genie Giao Nguyen                                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
            Collective Concerns Raised by Vietnamese Americans, Asian Americans,  members of ASEAN countries and Multi Ethnic Groups of Overseas Chinese to demonstrate  in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington (3505 International Pl NW, Washington DC 20008) on October 1st at 10:30am.
            Washington, D.C – This coming Thursday October 1st, 2009, hundreds of Vietnamese Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, members of ASEAN countries, and multi ethnic groups of overseas Chinese from different states are expected to gather in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC at 10:30 am to raise collective concerns regarding the global security being threatened by Chinese expansionism, accompanied by disrespect for human rights, disregard of environmental issues, and its greediness for oil and power in the South China Sea and in the Middle East.
            Recent tragedies in Xinjiang, Tibet, Myanmar, South China Sea following the overbearing Beijing 2008 Olympics and the unforgettable Tiananmen Square Massacre continue to raise global concerns about China’s aggressiveness to its own people and its neighbors.
            In recent years if not decades, China, in its rise to world power, has sought to do the following impacting on the security of neighboring lands and thus threatening the regional stability and sustainability of the whole East Asia and ASEAN region:
            1/ It have through a series of dams and levees and possible underground diversion schemes tried to secure for itself water resources and hydroelectric power at the expense of its neighbors and downstream countries.  This has happened in the upper reaches of the Mekong River, affecting riverside countries like Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and southern Vietnam, while plans are proceeding apace with schemes of diverting water from the upper Brahmaputra, affecting severely the lower reaches of this river in India.
            2/  It has since the 1950’s laid claim (as China’s territorial waters) to a so-called dragon’s tongue, or U-shaped, area affecting about 80 percent of the South China Sea.  In this way, it not only infringed upon the sovereign rights of Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, it also seeks to control the vital sea lanes going through that body of international water, which could threaten the economic viability of Japan, Korea and even Taiwan.
            3/  In its drive to dominate the South China Sea, China has invaded the Paracel Islands belonging to Vietnam (January 1974) and parts of the Spratley Islands belonging to Vietnam (March 1988) and the Philippines.  In the meantime, it has beefed up its navy with submarines and destroyers and eventually even aircraft carriers in an attempt to rival the U.S. Navy by 2025 or even earlier.  These developments are so worrisome that Senator James Webb recently had to organize a hearing in the U.S. Senate to discuss the issue.  And this explains also his current visit to the area.
            4/  The control that Beijing is tightening on the Myanmar military junta and Vietnamese communist party is slowly transforming these two countries into China’s satellites, witness: the development of a route going through Myanmar giving Beijing access to the Indian Ocean and the series of unequal treaties that Beijing has managed to impose on Hanoi (the 1999 Border Treaty, the 2000 Treaty on the redrawing of the Gulf of Tonkin map and on fishing rights, Hanoi’s acquiescence to Chinese bauxite and uranium mining in the Central Highlands of Vietnam).
            Thus, it is clear that Beijing is in the process of building a solid hegemony in the area, in the process threatening the very stability of the whole region.
            A petition signed by Asian Americans, Vietnamese Americans, communities of ASEAN members, and multiple ethnic groups of overseas Chinese requests China to immediately stop its aggressiveness and conform to the Charter of the United Nations, respecting international laws, human rights, protecting the environment, and stopping the destruction of our good earth.
            This petition also calls for the join forces of the United States, the European Union, ASEAN members, Asian countries such as India, Japan, Korea, to collectively emphasize the importance of a global collaboration with zero tolerance to aggressiveness and expansionism.
            The petition will be submitted to His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to President Obama, and the United States Congress, as well as to all of the World’s Leaders, including China to open a direct dialogue with the Chinese Government to protect world’s peace and civilization.
            The Demonstration on October 1st is organized by the Vietnamese Community of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. in collaboration with many other organizations nationwide.
            # # #
            If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with our Representatives, please e-mail Genie at
            Kindly circulate this widely
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