Father day

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Father day 19.06.2011 01:19:20 (permalink)
Father day
Father day, I gave him a gift
He kissed me and my heart with joy
His smile remind me about father
how piteous my father passed away
Share sadness and happy moments with father
Learn from his experience for my life
To overcome any difficulty in life
as a mountain to protect us when storms of life
Then one day he left
I did not have a chance to tell:
‘I love you ’
He gave  me a regret
He let my mother a sadness
Dream one day to meet him on the first day of lunar new year
Wishing  him for longevity
But that is only a dream
I will be there to light up a incense
Hope that father forgive me
Because I did not see his face when he passed away, I regret all my life.
Thy Nguyen
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